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We feature experiences and success stories that our customers share with us about how they use the app to reach financial goals and fulfill their dreams. Sneha Tandon shares how Saveabhi helps her manage finances at her own design firm.

Sneha Tandon was a freelance graphic designer at an ad agency before she decided to go solo and start her own business. She got the idea of starting a small design agency. “I always wanted to work on my own terms and challenge myself with something bigger,” she says.

Sneha has the ambition, the will, the motivation, but lacked one thing – enough cash for starting a company. That’s when she decided to scout for useful tips and products that could help her meet her goals.  Through a quick search for financial management and investment apps, she landed on Saveabhi.

“I had saved enough money to meet the basic expenses of what a design agency would need – a hired office space, computers, and stationery. I only did not budget for the most important thing – registering a company,” she explains.

Sneha needed around Rs 35 thousand for registering a company. It took her less than three months on Saveabhi to save up the amount. Once Sneha reached this target, she registered the company. But she has become a fan of the app and continues to use it for all her other financial needs.

What are you using Saveabhi for?

I’m using it for budgeting and managing expenses. Above all, I’m also using the app to save money for my smaller financial goals, such as my annual holiday. Yes, I have a habit of saving up for the whole year for one luxurious holiday.

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How did you discover Saveabhi?

I had the idea of starting my own business for a couple of years and I had started saving my bonuses over the years. When the time came, I quit my job to start my own company. I was falling short of some cash and that’s when I started looking for recommendations for new products that could help me meet my financial goals.

What made you sign up?

The app is magical, I would say. It has simple yet efficient features and is a one-stop solution for all the financial needs such as budgeting, monthly money management, saving, investing and what not!

What was saving money like before Saveabhi?

I was able to save only large chunks of money like my bonuses earlier.  Because I used to think that you need a lot of money to save, but I was wrong. One can save even Rs 10 at a time and make a difference.

What’s your strategy?

My favourite is the save-the-change, where I can invest my spare change every time they get accumulated to Rs 500. That way, I end up saving and investing in Mutual Funds.

What do you like most about Saveabhi?

I can have a look at the entire financial position in few seconds.

Should everyone try Saveabhi? And why?

Saveabhi is a great app for those who have financial goals. However big or small your goal is, Saveabhi has amazing features that can help you reach your goals without even feeling the pinch.

What do you think about your financial future now?

I am now focused on my business and have set several small financial goals for my business. Currently, I’m saving on Saveabhi to buy new laptops for the two employees who work in my office. It’s been a smooth ride and I feel more confident.