Saving money is healthy, quite literally

For Pranav, VP at a major MNC, saving money and health are interlocked. The more Pranav takes care of his health, the more wealth he accumulates. Which means, he is as healthy as his bank balance is.

Here’s what he does:

Pranav is a tech freak. Digital gadgets and apps an important part of his daily life. Whether it is tracking the number of calories lost through a fit bit or using phone banking and saving time and energy, he is constantly on the lookout for new digital products and apps that can make his life easier.

“I’m getting older. I’m fascinated by and love finding new gadgets and apps that can make my life much easier and fun; it keeps me updated with the latest in the digital world,” says Pranav.

It was about four months back when he was consciously looking for an app that could assist him with his financial investments and money management. Pranav found SaveAbhi. And we can’t be happier that we found each other!

“Once I learned about the amazing features of the app, I started wondering how I could use the app to reach my goals. Not only financial goals but health goals, too,” he says.

Pranav then decided to save every time he met his daily fitness goals. For example, Pranav selected an option of manually depositing money into his SaveAbhi account, every time he completed a 4-kilometer run in a day.

In fact, just by doing this one thing, he started saving around Rs 5000 every week. Every time he ran for 4 kilometres in a day, his fit bit intimated him. In turn, he deposited Rs 1000 in his SaveAbhi account. In just over four months, he has invested more than Rs 50,000 in mutual funds through SaveAbhi.

“I don’t have to do anything to invest. The app does it through the automatic settings that I have selected,” he explains. “Not only is this app helping me invest my money, I am able to clear off my loans and credit card bills by saving money in this manner.”

“Moreover I feel successful and happier, because, at the end of the month, I know how much closer I am to my health goals and financial goals,” he says.

Here’s what you can do to create this rewarding practice:

Create an account on SaveAbhi and select the options suitable to your savings and investment needs. Automatic savings settings can help you save money every time you spend. The app’s most important feature is that it rounds up your spends to the next 100 and saves the spare change.

SaveAbhi is safe and secure because you can withdraw your savings and investments whenever you want to. Whether it is health or fitness goals, SaveAbhi rewards in magical ways.