Growth is an initiative by SaveAbhi to help readers understand simple financial rules to help establish good financial habits that will go long way in securing their financial well-being.

At Growth, we believe that money should be a source of happiness, not stress. That having more money isn’t about having more stuff — it’s about having more choices, and making fewer compromises.

We believe that money is more about what you make of your money ,then how much you earn.Take care of your money, and it will take care of you.

We believe that financial success shouldn’t hinge on fate, fortune or the family you were born into: Everyone has the ability to achieve their financial goals with the right tools and support.

At Growth ,it would be our endeavour to give relevant and realistic advice,which will based on common sense ,rather then complex Jargons. We’ll give you advice you can apply right now — and for the rest of your life.

At Growth, we have one goal: To help achieve yours.